Group Rides

Winter riding

 For the fall/winter season we are discontinuing any formal Saturday rides.  Please check out the Facebook group for people that are self-organizing.  Thanks and see you in the Spring.

Bicicletta Group Rides

The group rides organized through the store are intended to serve as an introduction to riding in a group, suitable for riders of nearly any fitness level. Speeds are kept between 25-30kph and routes are chosen for convenience and enjoyment. The rides have no-drop policy and are open to anyone, regardless of club affiliation.

We are growing our rides so that we can become a hub for multiple times, speeds and distances.  Join our email list below and/or join our Facebook group.  These are fairweather rides and are cancelled for rain.  Cancellations are notified via twitter.  Check out our twitter page

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Please note the last week to particpate in these rides will be the week of September 15th .


DayStart DescriptionLevelMeet at LocationDate
Tuesday 6:30pm Learn to Group Beginner Information booth at Stanley Park.  Next to the horse trolley parking First Ride Tuesday April 29th
Tuesday 6:30pm Your introduction to the group ride. Pace is approx 25km/hr for 30 km. Women lead the ride and set the pace. This is a no drop ride. Route  is repeated laps of the Stanley Park loop, and the amount of laps is typically dependant upon the sunset (approx 9km per lap including prospect point climb). Novice Information booth at Stanley Park.  Next to the horse trolley parking First Ride Tuesday April 29th
Thursday 6:00pm 35km/hr + High intensity group ride. This ride is led by our sponsored racers and includes lots of rolling hills. Slower riders will be dropped and picked up at the return. Ride leaves PROMPTLY at 6:00 pm and goes to Horseshoe Bay/Whytecliffe Park and sometimes including Cypress mountain Advanced Bicicletta Pro Shop 233 West Broadway

First Ride Thursday May 1st

 Please join for facebook group to find out about casual rides happening on other days of week.

The Rules of Group Riding

-When we ride as a group, certain ettiquette must be observed to ensure the ride is both safe and enjoyable. While the ride has an open invitation, we may ask riders to leave if they are persistent in riding in an unsafe way.

-Stopping at a stop sign is done as a group, not individually. Consider the riders behind you before you sprint through a yellow light.

-Riding in an erratic manner is dangerous. When the group is tight every rider should try to maintain as straight of a line as possible. Care should be taken in the corners to avoid crossing over the line of another rider.

-Whenever possible, the group should take the full use of the lane. In situations where this is impossible, the signal will be given to ride single file.

-Hand Signals. Riders in a group, even in a race situation, will use hand signals to warn riders behind them of obstacles, of slowing or stopping, or train tracks. Some common hand signals: An open hand on the back, signaling a slow or stop. Horizontal slashing motion indicates train tracks. A pointed finger indicates the direction of an obstacle or pothole. Verbal signals are usfeul as well.

-When the road is flat and the lane is wide, the pace may pick up and the group will most likely ride in a double pace line formation. In this situation there are several rules that must be followed to ensure smooth rotation of the group. Riders should not double wheel. While it is a personal choice how close one wants to get to the wheel in front of you, an effort should be made to ride two abreast so that both riders handlebars are approximately even. This prevents the formation of gaps that compromise the ability of the group to shield its riders from the wind. Once riders complete their pull, they should signal with a flick of the elbow and separate to both sides. The next riders in line should pull the group smoothly through the gap.

-Hills: On a no drop ride, always wait or slow down at the top of a hill to let slower riders catch back on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are there any costs to joining the ride?

A:  Nope!  It's our way of building a community.  The lawyers want a liability waiver signed but it's free.  The waiver must be filled out annually.  You could help us save time by bringing a waiver filled out with you.

Q: Can I take any bike on the ride? 

A:  Sure, so long as it is a road bike.  So please no mountain bikes/ Hybrids / track or TT bikes. 

Q:  I've never been in a group ride before, can I still join?

A:  Absolutely. We ask that you take 1 or 2 novice rides so that we can help with some group riding rules and signals.  Then join the group at your own pace.

Q: (statement) I went on an intermediate ride and they were going much faster.  What happened?

A: We state the pace expectations, but every group doesn't always have a pace leader.  Some people just want to hammer down.  If the sub-group you are in is going too fast for you and it's above the stated pace, communicate to the group.  Others may find it too fast as well.  You may have to splinter off to a smaller, more manageable group.  In time we will have pace leaders in each group.

Q: I want to lead a ride, how do I go about that?

A: Send us an email or call Kevin C @ 604-872-2424 X 711